Angela from Nashville:  Gretchen...BRAVO....BRAVO...on my Thirty-One Cookies, you are amazing, I was flooored at how you captured some of the new patterns on a cookie. Not only that they tasted AMAZING..I have people wanting your information ;) You are truly Sweet...G

Sarah from Brentwood, TN:  They were better than I could have ever anticipated!! Thank you Gretchen...
Lauren from Nolensville,TN:  Possibly the cutest cupcake ever!!

Caroline from Brentwood, TN:  Best and Cutest Cupcakes!! Love love love them. Thank you Gretchen!! You are the best!
Julie from Franklin, TN:  Oh my goodness, Gretchen, you out did yourself with reese's toy story cake!!!! It was so awesome and he loved it so much! It tasted yummy too! The cookies were so adorable! You are so talented...thank you so much for making his party so great! Everyone thought the cake was very was a hit! Thanks again!

Vicky from Nashville :  Gretchen –

Thank you so much for the Dispensary of Hope cookies.  They are beautiful AND delicious!
 Thanks again – you brought a smile to everyone in our office this morning!

Valle from Nashville: Oh. My. Goodness. They were perfect!!! All the girls had a fit over them (and the moms asked me how to get in touch with you).

You are a wonderful artist.

Jennifer from Nashville:  The party was a big hit and everyone loved the cookies.  :)  Thank you so much for making them for me!  I'm going to hang on to your card for next year.  A few of my friends may be contacting you as well!

Sara from Nashville: Thanks Gretchen for the cookies. They were a HIT! Can't wait to use you again! 

Rob from Nashville: awesome cookies! amazing graphics.

Theresa from Nashville: Wonderful!  I love supporting small local business (Women!) and you have a fine one going Lady☺

Sherry from Houston:  Hi Gretchen,
Wow everyone in Nashville is so nice!!  I LOVED those cookies and have been craving them after just one. They're so soft and delicious!   I just want you to know you have a big fan in Houston :)

Victoria from Destin:  They were better than I dreamed, Thank you!!! I just love that almond flavor in it, or I think that's what I tasted they were so Yummy.