Yes, cookies can be shipped!!
Approximately 6 to 12 cookies are carefully placed in a nice box and filled with paper shred then placed in a shipping  box that is filled and surrounded with peanuts. They are double boxed and cushioned to ensure that they arrive safely and unbroken.(although I stamp fragile all over the box those sweet shippers still may not take as much care as i would while in transit - and yes, sadly some can get broken.)  I can mail up to 4 dozen cookies per shipment and ship only individually wrapped cookies.      It is best to have cookies arrive a day or 2 in advance.  One dozen minimum order required.  Average shipping/handling cost is approximately $15-20 for 1 dozen depending how far away you live from the Nashville area.  I usually ship Priority Mail 2-day...but the farther from Nashville, it could be longer.