Cookie Pricing

Cookie Pricing

Sweet G custom cookies are the perfect way to send your guests home with a sweet reminder of your special day. Everyone loves to receive a gift, even if it’s small. While reflecting your personality, Sweet G custom cookies will coordinate with your event to create an original treat that is sure to make a lasting impression. Happy browsing!
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Custom Sugar Cookie Pricing

Basic cookies
1-2 colors of icing and minimal piping/simply iced
small - 2 inch $1.25 per
medium - 3" inch $2.00 per
large - 4 inch $3.00 per

Detailed Cookies
4-6 icing colors and simple detail/ minimal piping
Please note** Certain cookie designs come standard minimum size 3" and can not be decorated any smaller.  
small 2" - $2.50
medium 3" - $3.25
large 4" - $3.75


Elaborate Cookies
1-6 colors and lots of detail work
small 2" $3.00
medium 3" $3.50
Large 4" $4.25-$7.00

Each and every cookie is hand painted and customized to fit the theme of your event/party.   Whether it be a baby shower, wedding, corporate event, or birthday there is a cookie design for everyone!  They come individually wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a coordinating ribbon or on a platter. 

Hand Painted Logo Cookies

Cookie Platters
1 dozen assorted $36.00 - Basic
(Cookie bites 10 for $6)

1 Dozen Assorted Detailed $48.00

I use only the freshest and finest ingredients in my cookies. (Real butter, flour, sugar, eggs)  My icing is an almond flavored royal icing and is so yummy.  Please read my comments to see what my customers are saying:) Cookies are baked fresh to order.    

Character cookies $4.00 per cookie
Character cookies require a lot of detail work

Cookie Bites
Cookie thumbprints are smaller size cookies that are a bite or 2.  They are a great compliment and filler to a cookie platter. They come in 1 color and in a round, heart, flower or star shape.
$6.00 or 10 

**Although I do not use any nut products in my sugar cookies, they are made in a facility that uses nuts.  I receive many questions about this and even though my icing has almond flavoring it had no nut products contained in it whatsoever.  Just wanted to let you know for those precious ones that have the nut allergies:)